World Cup Rio

World Cup fever, has finally hit the Smokie camp, not that everyone loves football, but I'm glad to say that the band and crew were keen to join in with the now compulsory, Smokie World Cup sweepstake.
As usual Martin will play Banker, ensuring that all dues are paid and the winners receive their winnings in full.

We decided to make the draw before hitting the stage in Drobak in Norway on Saturday night. Needless to say not everyone was happy with the teams they got, but we seeded the draw so all would get a top flight team.

Phil our monitor got the favourite for the tournament, by pulling out Brazil. Mike got a good team in Argentina and Terry got Uruguay. Martin who has very little interest in football got himself England, whether he'll show any patriotism or not we shall have to see, after all; in less that one hundred days Scotland may get independence, and with Martin living on the shores of Loch Ness, we may just get a little hint of which way he might vote?? . . . As for Steve he landed Holland and complained !!!

As some of you may know, I spend my whole summer living in Spain, whom I just happened to get in the sweepstake. I shall be cheering England on, but when Spain do play I will support them too, because I live here. I have a sneak feeling though that a certain monitor engineer might be a couple of hundred quid better off come July.

I hope you all enjoy the World Cup, I know that it will dominate our discussion wherever we are gigging in the Smokie camp, and no doubt many arguments will take place.
C'mon England !!!!

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