Having recouped from the Australian Tour, it was back to the hustle and bustle of daily life and playing catch-up of everything normal, such as paying bills doing bottle runs and changing light bulbs at home . . . . yes we musicians have those jobs to do as well, you know.

A quick stint in Lithuania was very enjoyable and we had two wonderful days in a boutique hotel in Alyaitus, where we were looked after like kings, experiencing local food (and drink) It snowed for two days and made that upcoming Christmas feeling, feel that little bit nearer.   Both gigs in Lithuania sold out, so a great weekend was had by all.

I'm just back from Sweden, way up north actually "Brrrr"  . . . . . Two gigs in Malberget and Lulea and what a wonderful winter wonderland that was!   On the first night in Malberget we got a chance t see on a clear crisp night the "Northern Lights".  For anyone who hasn't seen this spectacle it really is something quite special.
The drive between the cities also felt quite magical and at one point we stopped at the side of the road to drink mulled wine and have those really nice Christmas cookies. Reindeer was also on the menu, but at this time of year, there was something in my conscience that wouldn't allow me to participate in that particular delight.

Another point of mention this weekend was my old guitar tech Christos. 
I had not seen him for a long time and he did a great job of course but the level of abuse to each other would have made anyone listening? think we are the worst of enemies, but that is our way of showing each other an affection thatw e hold for a very good friend.

I had a bit of equipment trouble in Lulea . . . . My TC G-System went down on me, at sound check, so another repair needed before we head back out on our UK Tour in February.  I'm also in the market for a new guitar . . . I have one in mind, I shall keep you posted!

I'm back in the UK again this week, so Christmas shopping is very much on the agenda and I need my fingerprints taken for my Russian visa needed for February's Moscow gig . . . . This little escapade is to do with European sanctions imposed on Russia, so they having a little tit for tat, let's say.

I shall go watch my beloved Leeds United this week too, It's the one thing I miss about not spending much time in the UK.  However yesterday, I was reminded of a nightmare that we call Traffic Congestion" . . . . not cool . . . . especially after a long travel day home taking in three flights.

So there you have it, my short winter catch-up . . . . . I shall come back next week and wish you all a Happy Christmas . . . so remember this is not my real Christmas greeting . . . . I shall have to make that one a little better.


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  • Lea
    Lea Uppsala
    Happy holidays to you..God Jul!!

    Happy holidays to you..God Jul!!

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