Winter Happenings

In recent weeks, I've done gigs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev as well as gigs in Romania and Poland. Mild climates not! . . . . but they are currently surprisingly warm for the time of year, with little or no snow. Normally we would have disrupted travel plans and have to wear two pairs of ski socks etc. etc. However; on arrival back to the UK this week I see only what I would describe as, the winter wonderland that only a sprinkling of snow can create . . . . It gets me in that Christmas mood every time . . . .  A happy man! . . . Apart from having a bout of un-wellness in the from of a sore throat and a cold that is!

New Guitar

Gordon Smith the UK guitar company have agreed to build me a replacement for my old GS1 that I sadly lost due to a very bad broken neck. Hopefully some pictures to follow. I am hoping that this may well replace my Les Paul "Gold Top" that has been my main live squeeze for many years now and has done well in excess of 1000 live gigs.

New Pedal Board

Another piece of equipment that has come to it's end of shelf life is my trusty TC Electronics G-system, There are times when gear just kind of gives up!

Not sure as yet as to what I plan to do, but I need something that is portable for the amount of fly gigs that we do. It needs to have ease of set up, so that any guitar tech can get  to grips with it. Another factor is have something that is versatile that can cover all the bases. . . . . . . Needs to sound good too of course!

One More Show

Smokie have their last show of the year on the 31st of December, so I've a few days off now and can enjoy my Christmas holidays. I shall, as always give a review of the year past gone as I usually do., so please come back next week and check that out!

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays whatever religion you follow . . . . stay safe, be kind . . . . . and have a great time!



  • Anni

    Anni Danmark

    Merry christmas 🎄

    Merry christmas 🎄

  • Ina

    Ina Holland

    Merry Christmas with your loved ones

    Merry Christmas with your loved ones

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