"Visiting Mr. Johnson" Update:

Writing a song is one thing; But watching and hearing it come to life in a recording studio is another !
This week I started the making of "Visiting Mr Johnson" at the Chairworks in the UK.  Recording started Tuesday morning and by 10 O'clock Tuesday night, we had three tracks completed and ready for overdubs.
I was truly overwhelmed by the efforts of all the musicians and I have nothing but praise for their enthusiasm and professionalism. I've worked many times with David Levi (Bass) Dave Major (Keys) although it was a the first time I'd worked with Ross McFarlane. (Drums)  I also invited my mate Pete Lincoln (Guitar) to join us so that we had a real full band vibe, and we laid all the tracks down live. I was amazed at the musicianship and I feel quite honored to have these guys working with me.

So to bring you up to date, we have three tracks cut:
"Visiting Mr. J"
"Lock You Out"
"Cross The Line"

I'm really pleased with the results so far and Stuart McReedie has really brought the whole thing up to another level. I'm really confident that we have the platform to make a great album and one that I can be proud of.
I'm hoping to cut another three tracks at the end of September and then I'll make plans to record with my dear friend Blue Miller in Nashville, A place I dearly love and will look forward to finishing the album Stateside.

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