I've always enjoyed my travel, whether near or far. This last week in Israel though, was particularly enjoyable, and I think will prove to be quite memorable.

I walk miles each day, not just for the sake of it, but to keep fit and explore my surroundings. Staying in the Sheraton on the beachfront in Tel Aviv for a full week meant that I could get myself a little routine going on. . . . . Breakfast, walk, coffee in the old town of Jaffa, more walking, a jaunt up to the rooftop pool, a couple of chapters of my John Grisham book, a bite to eat, bath and a shave and get ready for the gig!  . . . . A day can pass quickly when your having fun.

On our first gig in Be'er Sheva, Israel, I could see the gig from miles away on the highway, when we arrived the big colourful spire was part of the stage, it looked rather cool and I thing the ampi-theatre setting just added to the occasion. Great gigs great vibes, can't wait to go back!


The gig in the Haifa Congress Centre was, as usual a rowdy night, we''ve been here a few times now, so the audience know the deal.

We'de made a huge decision the night before to change the after show rider and Instead of the usual pizza, we opted for Swharmer . . . . to most folks that's a Kebab! . . . . . i don't think anyone of us were shite-ing through the eye of a needle the day after, so we had Kebabs backstage every night after that . . . . . I know my way round a pita bread as good as I know my way round a Les Paul Gold Top let me tell yer!

We played our first ever show in Jerusalem this time, which was rather cool. If you get a chance to go to Jerusalem, take it. Atmosphere is very different to Tel Aviv for obvious reasons, but as a "left footer" (Catholic) There is so much history here. . . . . . Although if I'm being honest I'd rather read a Leeds United match-day programme that the new Testament!

To play in Tel Aviv for two nights at the Cultural Palace was a real coup for the band and we had every reason to feel proud. Also; Playing 15 minutes up the road also meant that I could have breakfast, go for a walk, stop for coffee in old Jaffa, walk a bit more, hop up to the pool . . . . . Yes it's becoming a bit like groundhog day!

When I turned up at the first gig soundcheck in Tel Aviv I was introduced by my tech Brendan to a local Guitar Luthier, Lee Oren from Infinity Guitars who wanted me to have a look at his creations. I checked out his Les Paul-esqe guitar, very nice woods, well made and obviously these guys have a real passion for what they do. They spend weeks and weeks building a single guitar!


Lee Oren from Infinity Guitars Israel

Lee Oren very kindly offered me this guitar free of charge (zero bucks) yes a very kind offer I know, but believe it or not? I'm Not the type of person who just takes and I felt that I wouldn't play it enough to give him the benefit that he perhaps needs.


My last day in Tel Aviv involved a haggle with a Jewish trader over a Shamaq (Arab Headscarf) . . . . . Guess who won? . . . . yep 15 shekkels bagged me my prize!

Anyways, I've got to go now, I'm looking for a band-aid or bandage for a blister on my big toe that's as big as an Elephants Bollock!



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