I get many a question about my main live guitar which is a Les Paul "Gold Top"    Is it a vintage guitar?  No, it was made around 2001. However the question came up so I might as well write a bit about all my Les Paul's.

Strangely enough, there is no photo on my site of my Gold Top . . . . because it never goes home, so I've never really taken a close up of that particular guitar.
Personally I think it's a great guitar and it plays and sounds fantastic, I just love the feel of my Gold Top, it's my workhorse and it serves me well. The body is in great condition, less so the headstock. Constant removal from it's gig bag has left the headstock looking vintage and gives the guitar that little bit of Mojo.

My Gold Top is actually a Les Paul "Classic" they came with a slim sixties profile neck and a 1960 stamp on the scratch plate. In my opinion they were the first Gibson Les Paul's that were made after the Norlin period and were truly Classic guitars; they are now well sought after and acknowledged as one of the better peices leaving the Gibson factory at that time. They were also the guitars that probably paved the way for the re-issues that would start coming out of the Custon Shop at a later date.

I own a late seventies black "Standard" a guitar my Dad bought me for my 18th Birthday, very much my favourite guitar and one that I will never sell, it has real sentimental value. It also plays great and little similar to the "Classic" actually, but build quality wasn't the best.

I own a "59" VOS from the Custom Shop in Nashville. Killer guitar, great quality, expensive as hell with retail prices in excess of £5000. My guitar is in the popular "Sunrise Tea Burst" looks great under the lights !!!   Whether or not these guitars will be good investments has yet to be seen, but I feel thay have made too many and they have less kudos than perhaps they deserve. 

I hve a 1958 Les Paul Junior, with a single P90 in TV Yellow, great for that Keith Richards Riff !!!   I used it on my My new Album on at least one track and I used it for the photo session for the cover.

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