Lobau - Germany

I nearly didn't get there !!!
My suitcase took almost two hours to come up on the belt at Amsterdam, yes you read correctly . . . . almost two hours!

There was much frustration round carousel number 6 at Schipol Airport where my suitcase failed to show, along with around a dozen other frustrated and irritated fellow travelers. However; luckily for me I somehow and I mean by the skin of my teeth, I made my connection and arrived safe and sound in Germany for the first gig after the summer holidays that took place in Lobau.
To add to my frustration, our crew informed me that my trusty Les Paul had been left behind in the UK, although they are normally very reliable, a recording session the week before had caused a bit of confusion and the whereabouts of my guitar wasn't known, but needles to say I managed fine with my Tom Anderson.

We hit the stage on time, but it was a late gig, needless to say the die-hard Smokie fans rocked up and showed their enthusiasm into the early hours !!
On the way home Lufthansa lost my suitcase in Manchester.

I wonder if I somehow packed some bad luck in my suitcase this weekend?

This week it's back to writing for my new album "Visiting Mr. Johnson" don't forget to "LIKE" the page so you can keep up with all the updates,

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