Well; After a long journey to Nashville via Atlanta, a failed engine and a huge delay, Mick arrived safely and is now well rested and ready to cut the last few tracks on his new solo album.
A couple of tracks are already written and just like last time Mick will pen a new tune with Blue Miller. The last three tracks recorded now have backing vocals on and Mick said he was over the moon at the difference that BV's made.
As most of you are aware, Mick love's Nashville and the level of musicianship is incredible in town.
Mick will use the same drummer and bass player on these sessions as last time Shawn and Doug, but Billy Justinaeu is in LA recording so couldn't make it, Mick will meet a new keyboard player, whom according to Blue is one of the best.

A tour round the Custom Shop at the Gibson Factory is on the cards and Mick currently has his eye on a vintage Stratocaster down at Gruhn Guitars.
Don't forget updates will be posted on facebook by Mick so you can check on his progress this week.

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