Well folks, I'm finally on a summer break from Smokie gigs. A nice well earned four week break and a chance to recharge the batteries as they say!

I play a lot of festivals in the summer, but the word summer has now come into question. Living in Spain I get to see a lot of sunshine, I wear shorts and a vest most of the time, bottomed off with a pair of Jesus boots, but everytime I seem to have got off a plane, the heavens have opened, I can't remember a summer with so much rain?

I'm glad to say that the gigs are great as always as are, our enthusiastic audiences, but FFS . . . . my Ray Bans have hardly been out of their case!

I was sent a photo by my guitar tech at the weekend and I couldn't help feel that this sums up really well the summer that has nearly passed. Anyways I thought I'd share this with you. Not a nice view from my standpoint let me tell you . . . . I think you see what I mean!!!!!

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