I'm writing this update from Riga Airport in Latvia on my way to Prague. Last night we did a summer festival just over the border in Lithuania, which I have to say was really good and had in excess of over 25000 people cheering us on.

We've just had one of those silly weeks, were the notion of how the band and crew will actually get some sleep was never thought about?  . . . . that's management for you!
Yes now there's a place . . . . land of the midnight sun in Norway. We shared the stage with Gabrielle and the Stage Dolls, but how wierd when it never gets dark, Norway is a quiite a stunning place, but I always ask the question, why would anyone want to live somewhere so remote?

A couple of weeks ago, wee were in Sweden with our old friends Slade and Sweet. As always we ahave a great time and we all get on really well. Myself, Pete Lincoln and Andy Scott from Sweet took a walk out to a music shop in Gothenburg. I  bought yet another Les Paul, this time a Double Cut and Andy bought an early sixties Burns guitar, not my bag, but Andy wanted it for his evergrowing collection. I suppose the exchange rate meant we were all onto a winner, I've never bought a Gibson Guitar so cheap!

I bought a new house recently, so I'm enjoying the delights of buying coffee machines and plates etc for my new home. However; I have to say I like living in Spain, but travel is much harder now, and quite often I'm taking three flights to get to gigs. I look forward to the break knowing I can have some free time round my new pool !!!  I'm going to buy a bike this week, so if your in the Murcia region and see some bloke who doesn't look like a cyclist, with long hair and no shirt on, it's probably me.

Artwork is being completed and . . . .probably today, I will arrange dates for mixing.  This album has taken around ten months so far, so yes by the time it's complete the cycle will be around twelve months, start to finish.

Meaning . . . . .blasphemous or obscene language.
Damien the sound engineer and tour manager from the Sweet
, informed me he likes my blog and finds it interesting. He also added that he feels I swear a bit too much?
So why don't you now, go back to the top of this blog and read again . . . . . I'm waiting . . . . . well? . . . . .Yes; not one single swear word . . . . "I don't what he's talking about for fuck's sake"