Hi everyone

I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are!

It's been 40+ degrees down here in Spain . . . . . I was getting ready to throw ice cubes in the pool, even my Fitbit melted, can you believe it?
I've managed a few good rides on my new road bike too, which is kinda crazy in this heat, but hey at least I'm trying to stay fit.

So what's been happening? . . . . . . It's been a tough old slog this summer, especially last week, where I played 5 shows with Smokie, in Switzerland, Sweden, Noway and Ireland and managed a day off in the UK and of course it's silly season at the airports! So traveling is no fun let me tell yer!

I'm enjoying my new Gorden Smith guitar at the moment, it's a real rock guitar, I think it looks cool too. However; I've had a few technical difficulties this summer, especially in the amp department. It always amazes me that these backline companies who supply backline to all these festivals all over Europe fail to test them before they go out on the road. No footswitches shipped with the amp, and an effects loop not working all adding to a frustration that is compounded by my guitars going missing (it would seem) more often than not! . . . . . KLM seem to love holding my guitars for a few days in Amsterdam.

Smokie played a gig yesterday at the Leopardstown racecourse near Dublin where the "Smokie Handicap Chase" was held. We were invited to present the winners trophy and to see the band name on TV as part of a race meeting was a bit wierd I have to say.
The gig afterwards attracted just short of 7000 people and most of those turned up just for the concert, It goes down as probably one of the most enjoyable days and gigs I've had in a long long time! . . . .I must do it again sometime!

I'm waiting for my summer break to begin starting this Sunday. A month off that I'm truly ready for. I'm going to relax and enjoy a travel free period.
I live close to Cabo De Palos, so I might try and get some scuba diving done, as well as a few long bike rides, when the weather is not ridiculously hot?
There's also a chance that I might get some inspiration in the form of songwriting, it always seems to be the case that I pen a few songs in the summer break.

So wherever you are my friends, take care and stay safe!   The weather these days plays havoc with our lives and when I see the devastation and destruction in the US with the California wildfires, as well as close by in Portugal, I often think that I have friends who live there and the danger is very real.