So today; The government in the UK, made some changes to quarantine rules when returning to the UK from green and amber countries. As long as the traveller has received both jabs and has the correct vaccine proof to hand.

This of course will have a huge effect on the travel industry, but more importantly for me! ........... It will open up the music industry for many UK bands and musicians.

The "old" 10 day quarantine rule, meant that any touring musician coming back from say Sweden or Norway would have to quarantine for ten days, possibly only allowing a musician 2 gigs in a month, yes crazy!

So; as of today Smokie have a gig (what appears at this time) to be going very much ahead. So Denmark here we come! Hopefully you will have forgot about the footie and England sending you back home with a case-full of bacon and Tuborg!

A lot has happened since we last toured in December 2019. 
It was a big change in my life, coping with the whole lockdown thing, but I had many positives that came out of it.

I flew by the seat of my pants in order to play some acoustic shows online via the Stageit platform. I really would like to thank everyone who supported me in this rather strange venture, but I really enjoyed it and it gave me a real sense of satisfaction to attempt something that was completely alien to me.
I shall do a few more as long as fans and friends wish to hear me play.

As most of you are aware, Mike stepped down after 26 years in the band.
I shall miss the guy that I have stood next to for quarter of a century (yes, when said like that, it's a long time)
Myself and Mike were very close and we most certainly understood each other.
I keep in touch with Mike, and I know he will miss the many fans that we have met and played in-front of, over the years.

It will be great to get back on the road and I look forward to working with Pete Lincoln.
Hopefully fans will enjoy what Pete brings to the table and I think we shall all enjoy being together one more time, playing and listening to music and feeling a sense of freedom that we have had to give up for such a long time through the pandemic.

For now!........... There appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel?

Let's hope this is just the start that we all need!