I wake this morning to another sunny day here in Sweden, In Falkoping to be exact.
Quite a small gig last night but sold out nethertheless.

We've been flying in and out of Sweden for the last 5 weeks and it has to be said that we've certainly knocked up a few air-miles as well as road miles!

As most folks are aware Terry wasn't with us most of this tour due to having some medical treatment. He's back now though and no one is more glad to see Terry back on stage than yours truly. Having said that; Martin's son Luke did a sterling job and for once in a long long time I wasn't the youngest on stage!

A couple of standout shows on this tour. Oslo was fantastic!!! . . . . Yes I know Oslo is in Norway, but it just happened to be on this tour, our promoter is Norwegian, so let's not bark too loud at that simple mistake of going foreign on our "Swedish Tour"  I really enjoyed the gig in Gothenburg a couple of nights ago as well as the Lokomotive gig in Eskilstuna.

Tonight's show in Trollhaten is a stand up show that I am sure to enjoy, I love the stand up shows! . . . . Let's get back to some Rock N Roll FFS!

Next stop for Smokie is the UK, joining the Legends Live Tour on Tuesday, with Suzie Quatro and David Essex. We start in Newcastle before heading to Nottingham and Wembley Arena on Thursday night. I look forward to the big Arena Tour and hope that Smokie will show everyone what we're capable of on the big stage!

So a big thank you to Sweden, thanks for making this tour a successful one and it goes without saying that, only you the public can truly make it happen!! Although, if I'm being honest we have had a great tour manager and a promoter who totally gets this band, so thanks to everyone involved once again!

PS . . . . . . Leeds United are still doing well and automatic promotion remains in our own hands. Viasat will air the game live in Sweden today, so let's get the fuck on the tour bus and get to the next town so I can get to see the game!!