I've been a quite busy the last few weeks! . . . . . The last three weekends in Sweden has had it's fair share of travel. Of course Sweden is pretty big!
Some great shows though and very enjoyable, still a few to go!

Getting a few days off in the week seems taken up by washing clothes, re-packing and just getting a few house jobs done, this means that those days off are kind of taken care of, and before you know it, it's back at the airport for another stint on the road!



A few months ago, I'd seen a Facebook post about the retirement of the the 60's band, The Searchers.
Over the years, Smokie have done many shows with the Searchers, especially in Germany, on what was often billed as "Oldie Night" and "Nostalgia Nights"
As a result of working together on many of these shows, all the bands who featured, became great friends and had a mutual respect for each other as well as having many a great big drinking night and parties let me tell ya! . . . . . and believe me I could tell some stories!!!

On a personal note; I liked all the members of the Searchers and some years ago whilst living in the South of England, I spent many a day over at Spencer James's recording studio. Like myself, Spencer joined a band that had had, success in previous years and I guess like myself he brought some youth and a small change to the Searchers like I did with Smokie.

Having seen that the Searchers were to retire this year, and on their Final Tour in the UK, I felt it right that I should pay my respects to a band that has offered so much to the business that I love.
I wanted to go a gig and basically ,say my goodbye to John, Frank, Spencer and Scott (Although I don't know Scott that well) and wish them well in their new life of retirement. (Although Spencer will still continue to do the odd gig here and there)
John and Frank have given so much to this business and to their fans. They have "kept it up" so to speak and in the last couple of years they have even ventured as far as Australia.

So; last week I drove over to Hull where the guys had a show. I couldn't stay for the gig because I had another commitment, but I had a catch up and I noticed that it was totally sold out, like all their shows on their final tour.
On my way home I thought to myself they really are legends! . . . . all those great songs, all those hits and they conquered the world especially in their day!

John and Frank have really toured non stop and I take my hat off to them both, as well as Spencer of course who has been with them for over thirty years!
I wish them well and thank them for their friendship, which I was lucky enough to have bestowed upon me, many many years ago.

To The Searchers . . . . "Enjoy your retirement lads if anyone deserves it? . . . . . you lot do"